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Studio Volta's online shop is where a nostalgic essence beautifully intersects with the spirit of revolution, creating a transformative art shopping experience. Imbued with a profound love for vintage flair and the timeless charm of the past, Studio Volta masterfully blends classic American roots with contemporary and abstract artistic techniques. This fusion results in a unique collection of art pieces that are not just visually striking but also convey powerful statements. At Studio Volta, each artwork is more than a piece to adorn spaces; it stands as a symbol of change and progress, challenging and expanding the traditional boundaries of art.


Studio Volta emerged as a visual art page that evolved into an online shop, with Leah Marie Newton adopting the artist moniker "Cowboy Volta," a chosen cloak for embracing covert anonymity while re-contextualizing time-honored tropes and symbols of the cowboy archetype. Inspired by her father and the audacious cowboys of the Old West, those who defied the rules, this enigmatic entity dares to breach the confines of what deems itself "art," employing pioneering technologies and advocating for underrepresented artists and diverse points of view. Born from this notion emerged the formidable duo of the Newtons, a husband and wife alliance navigating the realm of art & design with independence, determination, and a bold proclivity for risk-taking. Hence the nickname, “Art Cowboys”. Studio Volta takes its stance at the forefront of a creative revolution, daringly defying established conventions and propelling the frontiers of what is considered design through concept and idealism. With an artistic flair seamlessly fusing traditional Americana imagery and avant-garde techniques, Studio Volta dismantles the established tiresome norms, engendering novel ideas and leaving indelible imprints of profound social and conceptual declarations. The phrase "Art Cowboy" embodies the venturesome spirit of the cowboy and the transformative potency of a creative upheaval. The name Studio Volta encapsulates the eloquent poetic jazz term "volta," signifying an improvisational composition—a "shift" or "turn" intent on instilling in the world of design and creativity a sense of artistic exploration and innovative expression.

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