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Custom video ads and brand content 


Why should you choose The Newton Agency's Video Services for your Vintage Inspired Branding?  Which Option should i choose

Iconic Logo Reveal

Our Iconic Logo Reveal is the new standard in branding tools.

More than just a logo, this custom animation breathes life into your branding, with iconic style, anchoring it in the minds of your audience.

  • Engaging - It's well established in the industry that video engages viewers in ways that images simply cannot

  • Visual Interest - Gives your brand visual appeal and a fresh look with a uniquely authentic style 

  • Depth - Communicates your brand's story and conveys it's essence in a single asset

  • One-of-a-Kind - A uniquely TNA offering tailor-made to fit your brand and vision

  • Versatile - Assets that can be used across various platforms ensuring brand consistency

The Iconic Logo Reveal is a uniquely versatile offering that brings depth and authenticity to your brand in one beautiful asset.

Classic Promo Videos

Our Classic Promo Videos are the ultimate marketing tool for your brand, product or service.

Fusing analog appeal with the modern needs of today, the CPV gives your brand a powerful marketing tool and sets a new standard for advertising.

  • One-of-a-Kind - Promote your brand, products or services with classic style- tailored to your vision

  • Multimedia - Video, audio, and/or text elements effectively deliver your message

  • Engaging- It's well established in the industry that video engages viewers in ways that images simply cannot

  • Effective - Perfect for setting up a call to action, tease upcoming releases, promote sales and more

  • Versatile - Ads that can be used across various platforms ensuring consistency

A Classic Promo Video has the power to anchor your product or service in viewers minds with a unique style you won't find anywhere else. 





Motion Branding Assets (Bundle)

Our Motion Branding Assets bundle gives you the tools to promote your brand with compelling video content.

Each bundle comes with 5 videos tailored to your brand's vibe. Additionally, you can swap out one or more of the MBAs for a Video Logo Overlay, giving you the ability to add some motion to an otherwise static logo and place it into different video contexts on your own.

  • Quality and Quantity - 5 High-quality video assets to give you the variety to keep your branding fresh

  • Value Added - Enhances your brand's visual identity giving you a full and engaging presence  

  • Versatile - Branding assets that can be used across various platforms to ensure brand consistency 

  • Captivating - Moving patterns, animated text loops, stock landscape scenes and more

  • One-of-a-Kind - Assets tailor-made for your brand ensuring that your brand stands out from the crowd

Our Motion Branding Assets offer you a variety of video content to engage viewers and convey the prestige and quality your brand offers.

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